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If you personally know me, you'd know that eye LOVE Mascara. There once was a time when it was a slight obsession, but anyway, I wanted to share some of my favorite mascaras so you can get the best lashes this fall (or any other time).

I use these when I'm going out want to glam it up (of course not all at the same time). What eyeLove about these mascaras is that they apply well with a couple strokes and they show you that bigger lashes doesn't mean clumpy lashes

Lash Blast: The commercials suckered me in. Cover girl uses this huge brush to create huge lashes. I have nothing against "Colossial Lash by Maybeline" but please dont confuse the two. Colossial Lash looks exactly like Lash Blast except it's in a yellow tube and doesn't give the same results.

2000 Calorie: I found this treasure by accident. Walking around the makeup section of walmart, I noticed that all the Max Factor make up resembled Mac. I checked out the name of this mascara and I had to get it. 2000 calorie... Ide never eat that many calories (in one sitting lol) but I was inspired to pick it up because of the gluttonous name.

Rimmel 3D Extreme: One day I'm walking around looking to buy a new mascara and here it is... buy one get one free (please tell me how I could say no) so of course I purchased it and fell in love. The little brush is what made it so cool. it seemed to get every lash and clumping was not even an issue. This is on the list of favorites.

Mac Zoom Lash: I know I said 3D Extreme was one of my favorites, well so it this one (and not because its Mac). I never applied mascara so effortlessly. One stroke of this stuff was the equivalent of 3 or 4 strokes of the other stuff. It costs a little bit more, but its well worth it because you'll be using less anyway.

When I just want to add a little fun to my eyes on a regular day, I don't want to look like im going to a party with exaggerated lashes. Here are some good everyday-type mascaras.

Lash Stiletto Maybeline: This is a good mascara for everyday contrary to the commercials making it seem like its the hottest stuff ever.

Rimmel Glam Eyes:I got this one because of the pretty pink crown on the wand. I like it... nothing special tho but perfect for going to class, family gathering, church.

Eye want to try:
Telescopic Explosion Mascara by L'Oreal

This new mascara looks super cool and it reminds me of the 3D Rimmel mascara.


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