eyeScream, You Scream...

...We all scream for ice cream. This week's poll was for anyone who enjoys eating a pint of ice cream in the efforts to mend a broken heart, or just enjoys the act of wallowing.

When eyeAsked: What flavor of ice cream do you prefer, here were the results:

Vanilla 36.8%
Chocolate 10.5%
Strawberry 5.2%
Mint Chocolate Chip 10.5%
Cookie Dough 0%
Cookies & Cream 26.5%
Bubble Gum 0%
Birthday Bash 10.5%
Piece of Cake 0%

My favorite flavor is vanilla, but I'm open to try everything. For those of you who fronted on the "Piece of Cake" ice cream, ya'll are missing out. I was exposed to this in college and it is base! Then came "Birthday Bash" which is even more crack than "Piece of Cake". I was surprised that no one picked cookie dough. The next time you have ice cream try something new!

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