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In any relationship, good or bad, there comes a moment where the sincerity, genuineness, and special gestures die down, especially if you're not married. This may be a road to a dead end or it may be a wake up call to start pulling out those tricks! Ladies, we have the freakum' dress and a whole list of things that we can do to spark up the relationship, but when will the guys step it up and be the ones to add the fuel to the dying fire? If you don't know exactly what to do to keep the sparks alive, here are 50 small, yet extraordinary things that will make your lady feel special.

1. Regularly express to her that you need and value her.
2. Do things that make you laugh together.
3. Compliment her for her special qualities and be specific.
4. Put your arms around her when she needs comfort.
5. Speak respectfully, don’t demean her or hurt her feelings.
6. Give her time to be with her friends.
7. Show her affection without sexual intentions.
8. Be enthusiastic over things that she’s excited about.
9. Do something you think she wants done before she asks.
10. Discuss changes with her first before you make them.
11. When you’re away call or email often.
12. Allow her to teach you things without being defensive.
13. Let go of the small stuff.
14. Be a good listener and value what she says.
15. Get away from the routine to spend time together.
16. Go shopping with her without watching the clock.
17. Make her breakfast and clean up afterward.
18. Set specific goals to achieve together.
19. Don’t ignore the small things that bother her.
20. Don’t take her for granted, always be polite.
21. Admit your mistakes, and ask for forgiveness.
22. Defend her to others, especially to your family.
23. Don’t belittle her intelligence.
24. Scratch her back, rub her feet, and massage her neck.
25. Be especially helpful when she is not feeling well.

26. When she asks how your day went, give her details.
27. Never argue over money.
28. Don’t embarrass her in front of others.
29. Make eye contact when the two of you are talking.
30. Show that you prefer her company over all others.
31. Give her your full attention whenever possible.
32. Surprise her with an unexpected gift.
33. Never flirt with another woman.
34. Brag about her to others.
35. Don’t forget to hold her hand in public.
36. Call her when you know you are going to be late.
37. Hold her close when she is hurt or discouraged.
38. Never compare her unfavorably with others.
39. Take care of yourself, It shows you care.
40. Be supportive. Help her to achieve her goals.
41. Show affection for her in front of friends.
42. Sit close to her, even when you’re just watching TV.
43. Include her when you make plans.
44. Do things that make her feel cherished as a woman.
45. Build trust into your relationship.
46. Surprise her with a 15+ second kiss.
48. Be kinder to her than you are to strangers.
49. Make sure she feels valued above everyone else.
50. Don't lie to her.

If you think you're already doing these things and she's still not please...keep doing them, she's not going anywhere ;-)

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