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If you do have Facebook that's sort of irrelevant, the real question is: "Are you friends with Tiff and Danie?". If not, this is what happened: It was a Thursday night and Danie decides to change her Facebook status to this: "I feel like freestylin.. anyone wana battle me?!" So of course, me being who I am I say this: "I will". And 1 hour, 4 "like"s and 150 comments later here was the battle:

Danie: Check it... I dont wana embarss you on facbook// I jus wana start my career with a fly hook// Make lots of money, get my shine on// and I never need a pen when I get my rhyme on YEAA BAYBEE!

Tiff: Yo i dont need a mic but u can check this
i will rip your heart out and wear it as a necklace
but i dont think its really that deepill have you screamin like janet jackson (gi-gimme a beat)...
Cuz thats how i do it son
you spit ya little bars but you aint won
and when it comes to numbers you aint 1
i can battle u in my sleep i do this for 4 fun...

Danie: Im a monster Im a beast dont let me loose// Ill finish you off so youll know the truth// Yall were sleepin on me well its time u wake up// and if u aint on my team u can STFU!// Got my NY flow and its better than ever// catch me in my flip flops in any weather// wana go another round, jus let me know// n jus cuz my skirts short, im not a hoe... DEUCESSS BAYBEEEE

Tiff: youre a monster? a beast? b*tch ur not even cool
you mustve had five too many vodkas and red bulls
i took on the challenge but im relaxed than ever
and yea we can go another round but you wont get no betta
i dont give a damn about the NY flow you got
wen u rap they throw eggs on the stage ya rap name is iHop
In any weather your record would flip and then flop
I run ya block i run this town youre trash danielle lemme call chris brown
i dont wanna say that i already won b/c i aint hating
but im done with round "NOTIFICATION!!!!!!"

Danie: Yo you really comin at me// like my name is geroge Pataki// everybody in rap be// dead scared of me// it was cute, I like your little rebuttle// but I aint the b**** you the one with the muzzle// I refuse to quit I know im the sh** // and if u don’t like it well _________!// Im flyer than the others go ask your mother// maybe you should go ask ya little sister, brother// ill go on for days, hours, nights// now as for you “I DON’T KNOW YA LIFE”// Thanks for the challenge,I needed exercise// I just slaughtered you thanks Ive been notified!

Tiff: Maybe you should just try a career as a singer
i'll wear a muzzle bitch b/c we're typing with our fingers
dont let them hype you up about ya corny a** rhymes
::Kanye interrupts::"Excuse me Danie King, but Tiff is the best rapper of all time!"
Now back to the agenda not S-C-C
but read my status trick (what it say?) "YOU CANT BEAT ME!"
dj dahn orginial dun dahttaya
young b looking rapping like lil mama
u think u hot but to me i would prefer something a lil hotter
after this she gon turn jamaican talkin bout "mi no waah no drama"
i dont think u really want it and i would bet my life on that
u bets fall back cuz talkin lik that u gon get straight up smacked
iight imma simmer down cuz i already gots the crown
tiff's the queen of this shit yes i shuts it down

That was crazy right?


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