Build A Bridge

We've all been there before, heartbroken over that guy that may not have been perfect, but he just seemed so right... The one that before you broke up, you didn't think about the possibility of getting married or even being with him past a year, but now you just know that it was meant to be! I don't know how true this is for the guys out there, but I'm sure there's been that girl that has done it to you.

As hard as it may seem, sometimes we just have to let go and move on! But how??? Why can't we move on?

First, it’s because of what we imagine might have been. We sit and imagine what things would be like if him/her were watching this movie with us or just there to cuddle when its raining...yada yada...We think of what could've been if we would've done this and maybe we should've...

STOP imagining, get up and motivate yourself. Go out with friends or spend time with family instead.

Second, time heals all wounds. You won't get over him/her overnight. It's alright to cry sometimes, let your feelings out, write them a letter cursing them if you have to (but don't send it...unless it's necessary). Find some way of letting them know how they hurt you without making yourself vulnerable. Time is of the essence, don't rush a recovery or you'll never completely heal.

Third, something special happened at least once with them and we keep hoping it will happen with someone else. It may have been incredibly deep conversations, maybe they were "your first", or was it those wonderful laughs? Whatever it was something happened that made that person stick out.

That one part of the relationship is usually what we hang on to, focus on, and desperately want to recreate. Whatever the cause, it’s often unfair to think anyone else can ever measure up to this standard that has been placed on them. Ex’s sometimes get those special glorified places that can never be matched. How many times do we miss out on something better simply because we hang on to something we think was so incredible. Let go...BUILD THAT BRIDGE!

So what’s a person to do if they find their mind constantly wandering back to that "perfect love"?...Read my comment to find out.

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  1. t i f f a n y said...:

    So what do you do when you just keep going back, keep thinking about them, you just can't move on...

    Remember why you broke up to begin with. There had to be a reason. It wasn’t perfect, and if you can keep a balanced look at everything you’ll see why things couldn’t possibly work out.

    If need be, focus on the bad things and knock out the good. It may seem cruel, but if it will help you get over them and move on you should do it. I’m not saying your should cheapen whatever great times you had, I’m just saying if you have to move on then you do whatever you need to in order to make that happen.

    Give someone else a fair chance to win your heart. The poor guy or gal might be better for you than anything you’d ever imagined, but if you don’t give them a chance to prove it you’ll stay lonely and pining away for “the one” forever. Really, truly, honestly move on as best you can and don’t allow yourself to think of that other person as you’re with the new one. You never know…it might be better than you’d ever imagined it could be.

    I hope this helps...

  1. Ja said...:

    The truth hurts. It also hurts to know that we're only human and can't control the outcome of our relationships. Ive probably been someone who caused the breakup and had someone heartbroken over me, but Ive also felt the pain and miss the relationship that I had. Good post and even better advice.

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