RIP to Kanye's Ego

If you're not into the Twitter scene, then you probably missed on out the Trending Topic "RIP Kanye West". No, Kanye isn't dead, but the trending topic was created after rumors circulated that he was killed in a car accident in LA earlier today that appeared on

Kanye West pulled a very controversial short film from his blog earlier today with the apology
In the film titled "We Were Once A Fairytale" Kanye depicts himself as a drunken man in the club misbehaving and having sex with women. He eventually vomits and stabs himself in the stomach. It has been interpreted by many as Kanye killing his ego.

What are your thoughts on this incident and the short film?

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  1. Roger said...:

    That is a crazy rumor to start and I'm surprised that Fox News would have posted it without having it confirmed from a valid source. that film was crazy but its definitely a reflection of him. I will pray for this man

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Yooo that video was crazy. kanye is a fool lol but i feel for him

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