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So the VMA's are here once again and taking over NYC's Radio City Hall. The show opened up with a great tribute to Michael Jackson. First was a great speech by Madonna followed by a performance from his sister Janet Jackson who dominated the stage to their duet "Scream".

The next thing I know EVERYONE is talking about is the "Best Female Video" award winner, Taylor Swift. Not her in particular, but this is what happened:

Crazy right...yea so let's move on.

Lady Gaga performed paparazzi and to tell you the truth I was confused by the performance. Was she supposed to be in the psychiatric ward or something? Where did the blood come from? I was just in a state of shock. BEYONCE MURDERED THE STAGE. LIKE SERIOUSLY JUST WRAP UP THE SHOW...OK MAYBE IM OD'ING BUT OH WELL! Of course the haters will have something to say, but really it’s just because Beyoncé is the sh*t and ya’ll cannot fathom that.

Next, Wale and his house band were alright. I felt like people weren’t really paying attention to him. I really like Pink’s acrobatic performance and her little pastie LMAO (pause). That was risky for her singing live and all but she definitely pulled it off. I don’t know about Lady Gaga’s acceptance speech, the part where she said: “This is for God and the gays”. Don’t get me wrong , I have nothing against gays and I love God, but really Gaga?

Beyoncé won the “Video of the Year” award (and award for Best Choreography). She did such a humbling and beautiful thing by allowing Taylor Swift to join her on stage and get back her moment to shine. I applaud her for that.

And last but not least, Jay-Z killed it with Alicia Keys. I know people were questioning his voice, but if you listen to The Blueprint 3…umm yea. That was a very good performance and vocals from Miss Alicia Keys. My question is where was security when Lil’ Mama hopped on stage? That was weird and crazy to say the least, even Jay looked confused. I guess everybody needs some free publicity these days!

All-in-all the VMAs this year was great in my opinion. There were some many huge things that happened. Where else can see you Madonna giving a speech, Janet Jackson performing, Kanye having an outrage and embarrassing a teenage country singer, Alicia Keys, Lady Gaga, Pink, Beyoncé and Jay-Z all perform and shut it down and a host like Russell Brand? Only in Neww Yo-orrrrrrrrk (in Alicia Keys’ voice). Well I hope my recap was good enough for you. I’ll have some highlight videos up soon enough, but for now enjoy the rest of the site.

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P.S. Kanye did apologize via his personal blog. He said that he will apologize (I’m guessing face-to-face) tomorrow to Taylor.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    I definitely agree the show was crazy. My jaw literally dropped when Kanye did that. It didn't help that he was drinking Henny on the red carpet. I felt so bad for her.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    beyonce performence was wack! all she did was one song like everybody played it out its old,! ugh you like he roto much lol

    -Kira Mamaz

  1. t i f f a n y said...:

    she did that song b/c it was wat she was nominated for. hater!

  1. Anonymous said...:


    -Kira Mamaz

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