ToP THIS: Is Your Partner Really Into You?

Is Your Partner really Into you?
Here are some of the ToP signs that will give you an idea on whether or not (s)he is into you,

or if you should just keep it moving.


He shows up on time
This kind of punctuality might seem an insignificant thing but it speaks volumes about his respect for you. It shows that he cares about what you think of him so he wants to demonstrate he’s reliable.

His friends know all about you
They don’t know the obvious things like how you look or your body type, but they know things about you and your life. It’s not because they’ve been asking about you, but it's because your partner enjoys talking about you.

Your partner is nice to your friends
(S)he realizes that your friends are an important part of your life and if your partner plans on being around, (s)he realizes that (s)he will have to interact with these people in various settings. Making an effort to know about the people you love, shows that (s)he is willing to accept the different things you come along with.


One way street
You find yourself reaching out to him/her, without the gesture being reciprocated.
It’s not hard to pick up the phone, send a text, e mail, message…something.

Inn Theeee Reeed Coornnner!
Your Partner often picks little fights and is quick to blame you for them. The guilty party is notorious for flipping the switch and that is just to take the focus off of them because they know they’re wrong and they hope you’re not smart enough to realize it! If you realize that your partner is getting mad at you because you’re mad at them, it may just be their way of trying to make you break up with him/her first.

You feel it in your GUT
Everyone’s heard of female intuition but males have it too. If you feel like your partner is not that into you, you just might be right. This is not a reason to completely break it off with him or her, but it is definitely time to have a talk about why you’re feeling this way.

Hope some of these ToPs helped out, but above all communication is key!

What do you think?


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  1. Danie said...:

    Also, consistency is key! who has time to deal with someone who's hot and cold, yes and no... not I!

    Deuces (for real this time lol)

  1. t i f f a n y said...:

    It's ashame that the guys that are willing to do the positive are at such a shortage. I know we're in a recession, but how much does a good man cost? No, Im not looking for an escort, but yea theyre either taken, gay, or intimidated by a good woman. The Catch 22 of life...

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I have a question. What do you think about a guy that has both the positive and negative qualities?

  1. DANiE said...:

    See if the good outweighs the bad (or vice versa). Above all if youre compromising your standards, values, morals etc, its not worth it. And if there's any kinda abuse (physical mental etc) then tell him Danie said DEUCES!

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