Some of my ToP(& not so ToP) lyrics
"I love you like a fat kid loves cake"
(Its about food, you know I like this one!)
-50 Cent, 21 Questions

"What you say your name was again?
And I know you from where?
Elementary school?.. I don't know you maaaaan!
Money, not you again, GoTHAT way! Loser!" (haaaa!)
-Big Pun, It's So Hard

"Bullets like birds you can hear them b****** hummin, Don't let that bird s***, he got a weak stomach. N***** know I'm sick I don't spit I vomit, Got it? One egg short of the omelet". (Seriously Wayne an omelet?!)
-Lil Wayne,Canon

-“If you seek Amy”(don’t get it? just say it again. Though extremely vulgar, I give her props for creatitivy!)
-Britney Spears, If you seek Amy

"Couldn’t afford a car so she named her daughter Alexis" (Dag,it be like that sometimes)
"Somebody ordered pancakes, I just sipped the syizzrup" (Poor wired mouth Kanye!)
"If you aint no punk, holla we want prenup, we want prenup yea!" (we celebrate prenups now? haha)
-Kanye West, All falls down, Through the wire, Golddigger

"Are any of y'all into girls like I am let’s be honest" (when I heard it i was like.. Ooohh wow, thats creative Drakerz!)
Lil Wayne, Every girl (Drakes verse)

*I'de love to read some of your ToP lyrics, so share em' (oh yea, plz be tasteful) *



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  1. Anonymous said...:

    awww i almost cried when i read that kanye verse. that's so sad.


  1. Danie said...:

    Poor thing right!


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