Alter Egos: effFIERCE or effFLOP?

If you happened to miss the Real Housewives of Atlanta last night, you missed the unveiling of their Alter Egos. The ladies and photograph Derek Blanks had a black tie cocktail party to reveal their alter ego photos. Take a look:

After saying no to Nene's suggestion to be transformed into a black girl as her alter ego, Kim decides to be a stepford wife and a "mistress". Doesn't seem that far off from her real life, huh?

Lisa acted as a good girl (Girl Scout), being pushed off of her bike by a bad girl (Vixen). On the show Lisa said that she doesn't think any of these personalities describe her, and that she would be the girl that rescues the good girl from the bully.

I think Nene fulfilled her lifetime goal by acting as a stripper as her alter ego. She was serving it on that pole. The goody two shoes woman was a good attempt, but overall the picture is cool.

Since Sheree's still having a court battle to receive a seven-figure settlement from her ex-husband, Nene decides to play on that for her picture. Sheree plays that 7-figure woman and a robber trying to jack her for the money. I love the facial expressions.

Last but not least is the new housewife on the block, Kandi. Since a tragedy with her (ex)fiance's family, she decided to go a bit deeper in the efforts to send a message. Kandi plays the drunk driver and then a pedestrian being hit by the driver.

There you go! Now that you've seen the ladies and their alter egos, who do you think had the effFIERCEST picture and who just effFLOPPED?

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  1. Fash!on!sta said...:

    This is mad creative! I think Kim flopped and Sheree was fierce!

    No fashion posts today? Ahh man...

  1. DANiE said...:

    I totally agree!


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