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Today I have some new videos for your from Jeremih, Jordin Sparks, and Miss Whitney Houston! I know what you're thinking...well actually I don't, but it is a weird combination of artists. I'll save my comments for later and let you enjoy the videos. Happy watching!

The official music video for Jeremih's third single "Break Up To Make Up", from his self-titled debut album in stores now!

The official music video for "S.O.S. (Let the Music Play)", the second single from Jordin Sparks lastest album "Battlefield", in stores now. The music video was directed by Chris Robinson.

The official music video for "I Look To You" by Whitney Houston, from the album of the same name. "I Look to You", is in stores now!

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  1. t i f f a n y said...:

    I really like Jeremih's song "Break up to make up". I definitely think that it is one of the better tracks on his album. I would've love to see a different treatment for the video. It was a bit cheesy and cliche to me. I love his two dancers, but I didn't think that it was necessary to have them in the video at all.

    Jordin Sparks surprised me with the direction that she took in this video for "S.O.S (Let the Music Play)". I definitely feel that it was one of the most edgy videos that she has made. For some reason I thought of Rihanna when the video began ( I dont know if it was because of the title of the song; which is a fuse between her "S.O.S" and "Don't Stop the Music" or what but yea..). She looks great in the video and yea thats it!

    Whitney definitely is on the come up or comeback...she looks good in the video and it is definitely the most simple of the three, but I think of all three this one sends the most powerful message. The lighting in the video is great and I'm happy that she's back to doing what she loves.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    i think jermih is corny. jordin sparks video is cool. whitney is just whitney a recover junkie.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Jermemih is sexy.
    Jordin is cool.
    Whitney...glad she's back.

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