Sunday Morning

Good morning!

Today I woke up around 8:00AM from this dream that was kind of weird; well not weird, but I felt like it was a reason for the dream. I thought about it, went back to sleep and woke up again around 11:00AM. As soon as I woke up I just started to pray and then thought about my dream again. In the dream I was visiting my old college with a couple of friends and basically when I went to the bathroom (in my dream) the light wouldn't come on. When I woke up I just thought about the darkness and the light and maybe God was trying to tell me something. The second time I woke up, something just told me to pray, so I did.

It's weird because I never really felt like God was calling me before (not that I feel like he's calling me to Heaven, but just in general). I've had this headache for about seven days and yesterday it was just the worst. Today I woke up and I think it's gone. Eight is the number of new beginnings.
That's crazy. I really don't know where all of this came from, but maybe God was just trying to tell me that I was moving in the wrong direction or just moving away from him.

I used to do more blogs about God and just spirituality in general, and someone even commented that they appreciated me doing that and not to lose it. Well, I'm back! How is it so hard to stay connected to a man who loves you so much no matter what you do? Why do people think that just because it's Sunday that we can't praise him on Wednesday or Friday. We all have our different ways of praising and showing God that we are not ashamed of him and this is mine. I'm openly displaying my issues and the things I'm feeling with the world. Hopefully someone will be touched by this and change their life, maybe someone will just read this, pray and go about their business as usual, but that's a start.

I hope you all have a wonderful day, because if you're up reading this, that's already two blessing: 1. You're alive to see another day and 2. You can see. Well that's all for today. Stay tuned for more spiritual posts.

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