MiDnight SnaCk

We all have those late night cravings, and while some of us choose to sleep it off, other feed that craving with the guilty pleasure known as the "midnight snack"! Well I found something that is pri-tee-darn-cool and thought that I would share it.

Süsse Hamburgers! What does Süsse mean, I have no clue but those little burgers are not made of meat, bread, ketcup or mustard. They're actually just full of sugar. Yes, they're cupcakes! Here's how you make them:

1. Get two boxes of cake mix: Swiss Chocolate and French Vanilla
2. Follow the directions on the box up to the mixing part.
3. Spray your cupcake pan with Pam (do not use cupcake liners).
4. Fill up the cupcake pan half way and bake as instructed (do this for both flavors).
5. Now follow the pictures for the rest of the instructions.

Cut the vanilla cupcakes in half.

Cut the tops off of the chocolate cupcakes.

Line the top half of the chocolate cupcake with yellow frosting.

Place top half of chocolate cupcake with frosting on the bottom half of the vanilla cupcake.

Now put green and red frosting on top of the chocolate cupcake.

Add a little more yellow frosting and then top it with the top half of the vanilla cupcake.

Flatten the top of the "burger" and place seasme seed or white sprinkles on top and WAHLA! There you have your Susse hamburgers!

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