POP ART is tough

Vibrant, vintage, cartoons, animated, words, depth and colors. All words that describe the work of artist David Spiller who has made a solid lifetime career from his “keen eye and ear for the lyrical phrases and comic book ephemera of popular culture.

Since he does choose to use cartoon character, some would label Spiller's art as Pop Art. Spiller himself doesn't agree with that and thinks that “it’s not tough enough”, said the artist. Since the art that is all around us, in our homes and on the streets, that sets the tone for our lives, is popular, I wouldn't agree in saying that "not tough enough". Pop Art is Tough and cool!

David Stiller’s latest collection entitled, “Tryin’ to Get to Heaven Before They Close the Door” is currently showing at the Beaux Arts London until the 3rd of October, so if you are in the London area I strongly suggest paying his work a visit.

Live life.

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