Let's Get Naked!

Ok, so im watchin and she's talking about this photographer named Zach Hyman. He's had some buzz about him over the last few months and its because of his unique, illegal form of photography.

What would you do if you were riding on the L train and a woman began taking pictures while standing near the pole? Probably nothing right? NOW, what if this woman takes
her dress off and continues to pose for the camera? I'm sure things would be a little different then, but this is exactly what happened in NYC; where Zach conducted a nude photoshoot on the train!

Zach has photographed in a number of other locations including a church, 42nd street and even a carnival. You can see more pics at his
official website, but I must warn you, the pictures are not censored, or as he would call it "Decent Exposure".

When confronted by security, Zach defended himself by making references to naked statues, then asking what was wrong with the naked model.

This is one carnival I will NOT be attending

Chocolate on Times Square?!

China town showdown!

Would you ever publically bear all for the sake of a good picture?


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  1. Anonymous said...:

    I would jump in the picture

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I think I saw him on the train before! Dead ass

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