Fashionably Late?

Maybe I’m taking this whole “Tardy for the Party” thing too far but I can’t help but to sing that catchy chorus when my mind goes idle. Anyway, thinking about the song, made me think…Wait…aren’t you supposed to be “tardy for the party”! I mean seriously, who comes to a party that starts at 10:00…at 10:00?
What’s fashionably late, and just plain obnoxious all depend on the circumstance... Here are a few tips to ensure the perfect tardy for the party entrance!!

DON’T be Tardy for the Party

Weddings, loved ones birthday parties (especially surprise celebrations),club meetings, church (party for the lord!), business functions, theatrical performances, class (learning’s always a party right?)…

- Most often people/productions devote a substantial amount of time and effort into these events, not to have you show up when the cat drags you in… No, but seriously, just think about it. If it were you, how would you want your guests to treat you in the that situation? You would want them to show up on time, right? Yea me too, ok moving on…

PLEASE be Tardy for the Party

There’s not really a list of celebrations that you should be fashionably late for, just a little blab will do…

-So you hear from a friend's friend's friend that there’s a party tonight at 9:00. You and your friends get there at 9:30 right?.. WRONG!!

When someone sets a time for a dance party, the expectation is that the guests will arrive at least an 1 to 1.5 hrs late. So unless you want to help move the couches, coffees tables and hang up the lights…OR you want to pregame with a bunch of people you don’t know, show up later than 30 minutes.

Now there's always exceptions to rules...Here's one:

If the party is from 9:00-10:30, (Strange but it happens, I'm guessing its just a pregame party. Anyway…) coming 30 minutes late is acceptable. In fact, 30 minutes late might be a little too late.

WAY too Tardy for the Party

So if you are coming to an event and you decide that it’s best that you and your fabulous entourage come late please don’t:

-come when there’s only about an hour left.

-make a scene if the focus is on another person/group of people/topic (basically not YOU) for the night.

I think I got it out of my system and I think I’m done with this whole Tardy for the Party business.

Later Party People!

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