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i f e v e r y o n e c o u l d
…See the world like us: LOVE to dream, LIVE to create, and hope to INSPIRE…

elleELLEeye was created June 25, 2009 for the person who "Loves to dream, Lives to create and hopes to Inspire."The objective of elleELLEeye's Blog is to share information on the latest music, fashion, beauty, culture, art, trends, give advice on how to self-improve your life, relationship advice, and last but not least, to inspire our readers to do what they love. We take part in interviewing up and coming artists, poets, musicians and anyone with a dream.

Through consideration of other organizations, we have chosen The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society as our philanthropy in the hopes of showing support to them through fundraising and community service. Our objective is to take people beyond the blog, and a leave mark on their hearts. We take pride in serving the general public as a source for Spreading love, Living life, and being Inspired. (Created by Tiffany LeFever, developed with Danielle King).

Why elleELLEeye? Initially, Tiffany named the site love.live.inspire. BUT she decided that those three words were too strong and direct to cover all that she intended to do here. Hence her using only the first letter from each of those words as an alternative to name the site...L, L, I (or elleELLEeye).

Along the way, a firm supporter came along as a blogger and her name is Danie. On September 13, 2009, she officially joined the elleELLEeye family.

The blog is full of personality and you will find nothing less in our posts. Be sure to show us some love, or not by leaving some comments. Feel free to CONTACT US anytime!

Remember that we are Proud supporters of The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society! You can also be a supporter by visiting their website here or by making a donation. Stay tuned because elleELLEeye has so much in store!


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