3 the Hard Way

When I asked: "Who is your LEAST favorite Housewife of Atlanta?" here were the results:

26.7% of you said: "Kim. She's too much of a liar for me."

26.7% of you said: "Sheree. She's just Sheree and I don't like that."

13.2% of you said: "Lisa. She just tries too hard sometimes."

26.7% of you said: "Nene. She's plain 'ole obnoxious."

6.7% of you said: "Kandi. She can sing but she's too "ghetto"."

I was hoping the results would sway to only one person, but I can't control your votes. But without these three the show wouldn't be as entertaining at all. They are definitely the most drama filled characters on the show! My vote was for Sheree, I really don't like her character and what she's about, but that's just me.

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