eyeReview: Jay-Z "The Blueprint 3"

I know what you're thinking, another Jay-Z post, but hey eyeLove him, and I give credit where credit's due. He's been working at this hustle for over 13 years and although he's "retired" a couple of times, he's returned with a jump shot almost as good as it was back in 1996. Some say he's changed, but with life comes real experiences and you can only, or should only rap about what you live. We know the Jay that lived the life of a drug dealer Brooklyn's Marcy Projects, but we also know the Jay that's an international businessman and business man that has performed and sold out Madison Square Garden (more than once).

Well that Jay is back with his 11th studio album, The Blueprint 3, and when I say this album is great, I mean it. I wouldn't say that it's his best work, but I definitely feel another #1 album coming. I feel like it's a compilation of all of his albums into one. "Venus and Mars" feels like it would've been on the American Ganster album, as far as the flow in the song goes. In his track with Alicia Keys "Empire State of Mind" I feel like its the 2009 Reasonable Doubt Jay. When it comes to my favorite track (besides "Run This Town") I would have to say "On To The Next One" ft. Swizz Beatz just because it's gets me mad hype and want to spit a hot 16 LOL.

"A Star Is Born" featuring J. Cole is definitely a great track! I love the fact that he's applauding the artists in the game who are not only doing their thing now, but he talks about artists like Nelly, Wu Tang, Ghostface, etc. who had their time in the game. He even says that if Lil' Wayne keeps doing what he's doing that he'll pass the torch to him. You better work Wayne! J. Cole did his thing on the track ::clap for him::! I also love "Hate" featuring Kanye West (king like T.I., but in the Chi, Larry)! It's a mad laid back track and it seems like it was so effortless for the both of them.

Hov went in with the collabos on this album. The feature roster includes: Kanye, Rihanna, Alicia Keys, Kid Cudi, J. Cole, Swizz Beatz, Drake, Young Jeezy, Pharrell, Mr. Hudson and Luke Steel. Overall, if I had to rate the album being neutral, I would give it 4.89/5 BUT since I'm a huge fan, of course I will give the album 5 /5 stars!

Make sure you cop that album SEPTEMBER 11TH or you can do a prelisten of the entire album at rhapsody.com/jayz which will also have the album for sale on September 8th.

If you haven't seen the Rhapsody commercial yet for "The Blueprint 3" album check it out here.

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P.S. I have the full album, if you have the AIM I might bless you with it ;-)


  1. Jaz said...:

    I've heard the leaked tracks that you posted and I'm anticipating the full album. You have it? I'm gonna need it! Call me!

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  1. Anonymous said...:

    i love love love his song with alicia keys!!! amazing!


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