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After seeing Hosea Chanchez's (star from the sitcom "The Game") host 106 and Park I fell in love with him (not literally). He's such a sweetheart and nothing like his character Malik Wright. Hosea had a very humbling attitude about himself and I admired that. He wore a shirt on the show that read "WATCHMEWIN.ORG" which in fact is an organization that he started.

The mission of Watch Me Win begins with you. It's for the young people out there who are passionate about life, who break down barriers, and who build new foundations.
"In a world where right is wrong, and wrong is right, where bad trumphs good, and beauty trumphs talent, my fear is my fear, so I choose not to; my strength is God so I come equipped; my faith is my armor so I wear it daily. My choices. My life." - Hosea Chanchez
Overall it's sounds like a great cause. You can find out more information at www.WATCHMEWIN.org.

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