JuNK FOOD: TIny Troubled Triangles

Its been a while since we've fed you any and what better time than to indulge than today? There's been a few things going on in the entertainment world, and today we've got two treats for you. Ready? Enjoy...
T.I. & Tiny Arrested

TI and his wife Tiny were pulled over in Los Angeles on a routine traffic stop and the police smelled MARIJUANA in the car. After searching the car, police found an UNSPECIFIED OTHER DRUG in the car.

According to TMZ, TI and Tiny were both placed under ARREST, and as of this morning, were awaiting bail. MediaTakeOut.com can report that rapper TI has almost 3 YEARS LEFT on his probation. If he is found GUILTY of this offense (a violation), he could go to jail for 3 MORE YEARS! They have 5 CHILDREN and a successful entertainment career, It's just a SHAME!

Kanye Trying to Steal Selita From Maxwell

There may be some beef in the music world between rapper Kanye West and R&B singer Maxwell. Why? According to a source close to Maxwell, the R&B singer and model Selita Banks have been dating fairly seriously for almost six months. The insider explained, "They were trying to keep it out of the public because they wanted it to last...they really cared for each other."

Well that's where rapper Kanye West comes in. The insider explains, "Kanye and Selita were sneaking around behind Maxwell's back. This is crazy because they were all friends. For Ye to do that is beyond grimey." And the insider adds, "He'll get his though, Maxwell is no punk."

Remember this is the VERY SAME thing Kanye did with Kim Kardashian, while she was with Reggie Bush. DANG!!!(Mediatakeout)

Need more? That's all the junk you're getting from us! But mediatakeout will keep you entertained in that area.

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