VMA 2010 Commentary

From the pre-show to the big opening act. It's what is talked about every year on the second week of September, the MTV Video Music Awards. Here's ♥ t i f f a n y's dish on what's going down from the White Carpet, to the stage.

Nicki Minaj was the topic most talked about as her haters, "Barbz" & "Kens" anticipated her performance during the VMA pre-show. If you saw it, you may have been just as confused as I was from Nicki's Judy Jetson look, to Will.i.Am's black face - literally. Another woman who is always talked about - Lady Gaga took home two VMAs before the show even started. But of course, what was talked about even more than her winnings was, her outfit. She wore an Alexander McQueen gown from his last collection and looked as normal as she has ever been.

The show opened up with Eminem & Rihanna and what I have to say about that is, the set of the show looked wonderful. Don't get me wrong, I love their music, but the performance wasn't anything to talk about, besides Rihanna's red hair; which we showed you in our last Haute or Hate It post. I'm excited to see how funny Chelsea Handler is...and this picture says it all (Chelsea as Lady Gaga). She was completely hilarious!!!

Kim Kardashian was introduced as a "fashion icon" which made me screw up my face; but she did look pretty. She introduced heartthrob, Justin Beiber. His performance was cool. He brought the young dancers out on stage and had the hair going as usual. He let us see him play the drums; which was excited as seeing someone play the drums. Needless to say, the kid has talent.

Usher performed "OMG", and for me it was a mix between J. Lo's "Waiting for Tonight" video and a B2K performance. There were plenty of LED lights/rays to go around, accompanied by some dancing. Will.i.Am was in the audience and the performance was alright. At this point I am waiting to be impressed...

Here's something to wake you up, Florence + The Machines! Although some were confused about who she was and why she was performing, I enjoyed it. She delivered the most interesting/best performance thus far. Amber Riley & the cast of "Glee" announced the Best Pop Video award. Amber looked fabulous! Lady Gaga took another award in her heavy gown that she couldn't even walk in, but she looked fab!

And kudos to Taylor Swift for making headlines again with her "diss record" performance to Kanye West. Too bad the performance was bad on the vocal end. But she looked nice and the visuals were on point.

Drake's performance with Mary J. Blige and Swizz Beatz is just what I needed! He looked sexy, yes, I'm talking about Drake LOL. His set was on point and he woke me up from the dreadful award show I've been watching for the past 90 minutes. Best performance goes to Drake thus far!

Columbian actress, Sofia Vergara announced the award for "Best Hip-Hop" video, in which Eminem took home. I'm not too sure if anyone understood what she was saying lol, but Eminem and Lady Gaga are racking up!

B.o.B., Bruno Mars, and Haley Williams ft. Paramore hit the stage next. Bruno sounded great (as usual), Haley looked dope, and Bobby Ray's energy was on point. A great performance! Paramore performed "Only Exception" and it was beautiful -definitely in my list of top performances! Singer, Robyn, had her 30 second spotlight (as did Travie McCoy & Jason Deluro) and I truly wished she would've gotten to do a full performance, she's so cool!

Justin Beiber won the award for Best New Artist. It just wasn't a winning night for Young Money! Welcome to MTV!

Linkin Park performed, but I wasn't feeling it too much. The lyrics were sang too harsh, and it didn't feel like the LP I knew from a few years back. They did their performance LA's Griffith Observatory.

And for the time almost everyone has been waiting for...Video of the Year (introduced by Cher - who had Lady Gaga in tears); went to...Lady Gaga for "Bad Romance". She definitely was the winner of the night!

And the 2nd most anticipated moment of the night, Kanye West's performance! K. West set off his performance with a white column, a beat machine, a mic, and a red suit (and red sneakers to match). Next he brought out the Clipse, ballerina dancers, and an autotune microphone. "Let's have a toast for the assh***s, have a toast for the jerkoffs, let's have a toast for the scumbags. Baby I got a plan, runaway as fast as you can." He left the audience chanting his name.

Overall, I'll rate the 2010 VMAs a 6.5/10. What did you think of the show? Who was your favorite performer? COMMENT!!!

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