Passion Pain & Pleasure

Trey Songz's new album Passion, Pain, & Pleasure; dropped today and although we usually do the "eyeReview', we've decided to get a review from those that know him and his music best - his fans. So we've hit the Twitter Trending Topic (#passionpainpleasure) and clipped some of the thoughts from his trusty fans and tweeters. Everyone's opinion matters and we're here to make sure some of them count. I'll say that the album is a good R&B album (not that I would expect anything less from Trey), but the songs tend to blend; and can just sound like one long 56 minute song. It's proven that the man has the voice, the look, and the talent, but I'm ready for Trey to take it to another level. He can write a good song, and just stand there and look good, but every artist has to push themselves to another level of success. I think Trey is comfortable where he is as an artist and I haven't heard any growth from Ready to Passion Pain & Pleasure. I'm not saying that it's a bad album, but my favorite Trey album is his first, Gotta Make It. We need to get that vulnerability back, that hungry artist, or else we'll just end up with another R. Kelly. Anyway, let's get into these tweets! Let us know what you think about the album, which is in stores now!

@DayLonRayLe: @TreySongz ..... I am not disappointed at all with #passionpainpleasure .... I brought the deluxe album off of itunes! Great follow up!

@mrmixtapejdot: I don't think #passionpainpleasure is nowhere near as good as Ready, #noway

@Rob_French86: Shout out to the dude @TreySongz.... #passionpainpleasure is a definite must have for the collection...If u don't have it go get it asap

@Karamel_25: This cd is AMAZING!!! #passionpainpleasure @TreySongz

@SiMpLe_DiMpLEZ: Ok so just finished the #passionpainpleasure album....My thoughts: very commercial, no flow to the ordering of songs (ex:beg,climax,end). The lyrical content was NO WHERE NEAR the Ready album, i was definitely disappointed smh. Oh and "bottoms up" didn't belong on that album. It didn't fit in at all. That's prob why they threw it at the end.

@Mama2Dane: #passionpainpleasure is the BEST @TreySongz album to date! I'm telling' you...somebody gon' get the business to this one!

@SabrosaLTL: #passionpainpleasure album from start to finish is hot @treysongz did not disappoint don't believe me go get it and see!

Have you heard it? What are your thoughts on the album? COMMENT!

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  1. Anonymous said...:

    Yea its aight. Some tracks are better than others.

  1. ohsosmooth718 said...:

    THIS ALBUM IS GREAT!!!! Still got the great passion music from ready with songs like love faces, doorbell! Which is wat is making him famous.. and I personally thought he grew with songs like massage, alone, and we made to be together.. very different n MUY BUENO! Other dan Usher who is on the downfall WHO IS THIS MAN's Competition?

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