Maino vs. The Jenks

When is enough, enough? You be the judge. MTV's show "World of Jenks" took an interesting turn recently, when Jenks took on the mission of spending a week with Hustle Hard CEO/ Atlantic artist Maino. The BK came out of Maino after Jenks got out of pocket and was in need of a Young Berg (Reference: Young Berg slapped by Maino).

Now for the entertainment purpose, its funny and all but I was perusing some commentary on the situation and someone made a good point, "Maino uses words to eat, and should have been able to break it down verbally"; things that make you go hmm.

I am not one to judge, but it's possible the brother took it too far. Yes he could have rationalized with him, or expressed himself in another manner; but the question remains: How much can a person take? Can anyone be the magistrate on this? I for one consider myself to be very rational, as well I assume you consider yourself but how do you deliberate on such things. When is enough enough? How many of us believe that we could have survived long enough to get the $100 on MTV's Boiling Points?
Easier said than done I caution.

In this case, do we really agree that "Keeping it real" - for Maino- went wrong? They say even bad press is better than no press at all. Also, remember the strategy of show business; is there a Maino album on the rise? I wouldn't be surprised. Someone definitely should warned Jenks of the dos and don'ts on Gates. BK stand up and when Bill Cosby, Oprah, and Mr. O'Reilly are looking sit back down. We don't need any more criticism.

"These words are a chance to be remembered and reprised"

- Basquiat
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