Gabby S., Elle's New Bell

Elle Magazine is celebrating their 25th Anniversary, and with 25 being the theme and magic number of the October issue, they needed the hottest celebrities to join them. On the cover, Oscar nominated actress Gabourey Sidibe! It's great to see her back in action after the Oscars and Precious hype. The issue features Gabourey along with, Janelle Monae, Lauren Conrad, Megan Fox, Amanda Seyfried, Mila Kunis, and a few others who were chosen for Elle's “The Quarterbacks: Our Favorite 25-Somethings”. Check out Gabby’s cover and picture from the magazine along with some other photos and blurbs from the other girls below. Happy reading!

Gabourey on celebrating her twenty-fifth birthday: “Part of me thought it would be weird if people knew I was a grown-up playing a teenager in Precious. So I had a twenty-first-birthday party. We had drinks and went to a strip club called Shotgun Willie’s.” Megan McCain on celebrating her twenty-fifth: “I went to Vegas with friends and did everything one does in Vegas: play blackjack, drink, and eat steak.” Janelle on how she’ll celebrate
her twenty fifth: “On a space shuttle.” What are the best and worst things about turning 25? “The best thing is, I’m happy. The worst is that I’m scared; the scariest thing is that I know it can’t be easy—the years to come.” - Amanda S. Lauren on the best part of being in her twenties: “It’s your time to be selfish; you still have freedom.”

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