Eyeread vintage: Green Eggs & Ham

I will never forget the day I fell in love with Dr. Seuss.

I was four years-old, obsessed with reading, and could not get enough of his books.

The classic story follows a character that refuses to taste green eggs and ham. However, once he tries it, he loves it.

I have to admit the dish does not sound pleasing to my appetite. However, It was because of this story I learned the importance of being open-minded.

Unfortunately, many of us today choose to limit ourselves by not trying new things.

I’m here to tell you: DO NOT FEAR. There’s a world out there waiting for you to grace it with your presence! You never know until you try right?

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  1. Anonymous said...:

    I don't have a favorite Dr. Seuss book but I think this is true. Many people are afraid to step out of what is comfortable to them.

  1. KareemaBee said...:

    They are...and fear is a lethal weapon to keep someone from reaching their full potential. You literally just have to jump in sometimes and enjoy life for what it is.

  1. We can definitely learn a lot from this man.

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