Having Hope In the Hopeless...

Inspiration can be found in the most ironic places. As I boarded the train today on my way downtown to handle some tickets before the city of New York commandeers my vehicle today, I felt compelled to grab a copy of the daily news to keep me company on the ride. Under normal circumstances, being the avid sports fan that I am, I tend to read the newspaper the Islamic way(back to front) due to the back being the sports section.

For some reason today I went against my normal routine, feeling the need to catch up on the current events of my city. Looking for inspiration, as I often do, I was moved well let be honest I was overwhelmed by the coping mechanisms of a populace recently struck by tragedy. Over the weekend members of the Joy fellowship Christian Assemblies were involved in a horrific accident; which claimed the lives of 6 members, while hospitalizing 8 others.

When I speak of the coping mechanism which overwhelmed me I found inspiration in the ability of the parish to find hope in a seemingly hopeless situation.
When interviewed and giving their thoughts members remarked, "God never makes mistakes." And rather than have heavy hearts, they chose praise of His name and remembrance of their departed friends.
That is POWER to me, which I have recently learned is the ability to define phenomena and make it act in a desired manner.

The phenomena of death, and the ability to cope with pain are two things that I don't think will ever fully be defined or mastered by any individual. However, the ability to channel the emotions that result in the manner that these God-fearing people have is the epitome of INSPIRATION for me.

- Basquiat

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