TOP THiS: M'eye' Endless Love

It's easy to find sexual ways to rekindle your relationship, but sex isn't everything... right?
In this TOP THiS, I'll give you some of the top ways to maintain your endless love without getting freaky

Get Spiritual: There's something about having a spiritual connection with your partner that makes the heart grow fonder. Whether it's reading a bible together, jamming out to your favorite song or having a deep conversation about God, life and love, strengthening your spiritual bond will do wonders for your endless love.

Spend time apart: How ironic is it that spending time apart will help your endless love life? Everyone knows it, but how many people believe it? The more time your are around your partner, the less time you spend thinking about him/her and the more time you spend getting annoyed at little things. In the beginning you might want to spend every moment together, but slow down, it will eventually get old and lead to "now what?"

Forgive and Forget: Let the past stay in the past. If you decided to forgive your partner, its not fair to bring it up later. If you do bring it up, that means you haven't fully forgiven him/her. That ultimately means you are harboring resentment and how can love grow in such harsh environments?!

Make New Memories: Movies and dinner are alright if that's your thing, but let's throw caution to the wind and try something crazy, something new, something unheard of to you and your partner. Take a dance class together, volunteer at an animal hospital, go on a nature walk. I DON'T KNOW! Just keep it new and fresh. You both might be apprehensive at first but the experience could turn out to be something you both loved... or hated. Either way its a new memory and a stronger bond.

Don't take your partner for granted: Easier said than done huh? Show your partner that you appreciate him/her. Leave a little note in his/her coat pocket so when s/he least expects s/he'll find a little loving. Any little way you can show you care, go for it. It's one thing to know you are appreciated, but its another thing to feel appreciated.

"Spread the love and live your life, while seeking to inspire and be inspired."
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  1. Love it. Cant wait to fall in love and have endless love with someone :)

  1. Jas said...:

    Good tips

  1. Anonymous said...:

    These seem like things to do if you're married. what about younger couples who might be more prone to having sex?

  1. Anonymous said...:

    LOVE IT!

  1. DANiE said...:

    It's interesting that you say that @Anonymous1 because I think that the younger couples that are just prone to have sex doesnt define "endless love", rather lust. So if thats what they want to do, thats their choice, but me, I want an "endless love", not "fleeting lust"
    &Thanks Jas!

  1. DANiE said...:

    ....But at the same time, maybe some of these things arrnt appealing to the younger couples, Ill get ta thinking about some things that might encompass a larger audience.. thanks for the thought @anonymous1

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