eyeAsk: Is Everything You Can Ask For Deserved?

Everything you can ask for...

This is my new cliche, potentially replacing "what my hand calls for". What does it actually mean to have everything you can ask for?

In life so many requests are made that it is difficult to keep tabs on the correlation between what you needed, and what you wanted. Where do blessings fit into this?Those can be things that we do not consciously ask for, but are imperative to our existence. I am sure I can speak for more than myself when stating this. Does anyone disagree?

When broken down some more, I tend to remember that hard work conquers and sets the stage for all, does it not?

Is it appropriate to ask for anything that you do not work hard for? If that's the case, then in essence we all can say we have everything we ask for - those being things that we actually deserve cause we have set the table with effort. When disappointed, do you evaluate your performance?
Sometimes people as "why" when they can't have what they want. I say "What did your hand call for"? Harsh but true. That's something that I have to remind myself of at times when things seem rough. I have reached a point where I have put my expectations in perspective. I can truly say that I have all that I asked for; which is exactly the hand I was dealt.

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- Basquiat

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  1. Anonymous said...:

    I think we all know the difference between wants and needs. those who can afford to or are spoiled get stuck in the way of living where they can ask for whatever they want. the rest of us are satisfied and used to what having what we need

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