eyeWatch: "Summer of Love"

The summer may have come to a close for 2010, but not for Eric Sosa. The Queens rapper debuted his video for his single "Summer of Love", and gave everyone a change to get back into the imagery of a day at the beach. Burgers, BMX riders, bikinis, music, and a good time was all to be had in the course of the video. Have you seen Sosa perform live? Well if you were at The Sweet Sound of Hip-Hop you may have, but if not, you'll get a feel of what it's like in the video. The video was directed by Crosby [Photo-Pow]. Happy watching!

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  1. Elietia said...:

    I like this dude!

  1. My favorite scenes are the sunset in the background - and the bmx/skate park scenes. cool video

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