Impossible Friendships

The Hardest thing I've ever had to do, was tell her that we could no longer be friends. It was too much for me; the emotional roller coaster, the daydreams and nightmares, thinking of something that I knew I could never have totally... Sure that night we spent together was amazing, and until this day I wish it never ended. Quite some time removed, "I wish we never did it," and I wish it never felt so good.

What am I to do? She has someone, and so do I. But what about what we felt, what we want? A wise old man told me that you can't dance to every song, but what about the ones that seem to be tailor-made for ME and HER. I'm so confused, but then again I'm not. My heart is telling me things that my mind knows cannot be. So, in the end I guess I must be a man about it and tell her that:

"We Can't Be Friends"

- Basquiat
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  1. Johnathan said...:

    I feel you homie.

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