Feel Your Boobies

We're still in the month of breast cancer awareness, and one cannot stress the importance of your health. For women (and men) out there, it's important that you get checked for the disease, the earlier the better. Some people may be freaked out or afraid of what the results may be, but even if you find a lump, it may be a benign cyst and not as serious as you think. If you're afraid to go to a doctor, it's okay. You can feel your own boobies first!

Here's a short video demonstration on how to perform a breast exam.

Although you can perform this self-test, it's important that you go see a doctor/physician to validate your findings or lack there of. Find a friend to do the self-exam with you, that way you won't freak out as much. Don't wait too long - early detection doesn't mean your life is over, it just means you have more time to enjoy it once you're healthy. No one will care for your body if you don't!

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