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When my cousin was 19, he started to hear voices.

His whole life he lived rather normally as a smart, handsome, lady-loving, all-around typical teenager.

However, that all changed the day he decided to try drugs for the first time, which triggered a chemical imbalance in his brain, and resulted in schizophrenia.

It took one time. That was it.

And now a paternal genetic condition has changed his life, as he knows it.

My family gives him as much support as we can, and we love him deeply. But we can never understand the internal battle that he goes through.

My point is: health is not only physical. It is mental as well.

So when you stress out, become depressed, easily angered, & allow your anxiousness to drive you, it can heavily impact your level of functionality.

I know some of us work out regularly and try to diet.

But do you really know what it means to take care of your mind, heart and soul as well? Are you aware of the words you consume, the ideas you create, the consequences of your actions, and people you hang around?

Do you know what true joy is? Do you have a source of inspiration? Do you have someone to lean on when things get tough?

I know I always talk about healthy dishes but I thought this time you could try a different food for thought.

Do you know anyone who suffers from a mental health condition?

If so, drop a buzz.



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  1. Ja said...:

    That's real. My sympathies go out to your cousin. I dealt with depression in other ways. Having someone to talk to and like you said being around the right people make for a huge difference in what path a person will end up on.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I've been in a dark place. And it was the most recent part of my life. Family is important to have at times like this

  1. KareemaBee said...:

    Word. And i hope whatever it is, things are much better now, and glad you have people to support you.

  1. Blogger said...:

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