Did you get to see the BET Hip Hop Awards? If not, here are a few moments during the show that stuck out to me:

A. Mike Epps: Hosting was comical as expected, and I appreciated his multiple changes into our favorite personalities such as P. Diddy and Flava Flav.

B. Hammer Time: Hammer showed everyone even though many years have passed since his time on top, he could still open a show with a bang!

C. Cyphas: From the talented Simmons men, to Common, Kanye, Mickey Factz, and Big Sean, the cyphas were definitely on point this year. DJ Premier spun the beat, and there were a lot of talented rappers from different parts of the country who represented their hometown well. Check out ♥ t i f f a n y's post with videos of all four cyphers>

D. Diplomats Reunion: Ahh yes why did I like this you ask? As most of us know, a lot of drama caused the members of this rap group to break up. However, seeing them together on-stage brought back memories from a time when I would hear their songs booming from Harlem windows.

E. Salt n Pepa: What more can I say? They are a true source of female rap independence and success in a male-dominated industry. They deserve the honor, and it was nice to see them be acknowledged.

F. Digital Underground: They came out of no where! I was truly happy to see them as well. Hip Hop is not just a tough, rugged, money-hungry type of genre-it is a lifestyle, a culture. The "humpty dance" reminded us that Hip Hop was fun at one time. Even Tupac understood that-his early career began with them!

Got any favorite moments?



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  1. Reg said...:

    My favorite part was the cyphers of course and the Dipset reunion

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Cypher are all I watch the awards for.

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