eyeWant: "I Am...World Tour" CD/DVD

Anyone that has known me is within the past few years knows how much I loved Beyoncé. I won't lie, I was almost a Beyoncé stan, but quite frankly I put those days behind me. Don't get me wrong, I love her music, videos, and fierceness, but it was getting bad. I remember going to see the Beyoncé Experience tour at Madison Square Garden and almost crying when it was over. I also remember watching the DVD to the tour possibly over 100 times in my dorm to the point where even my roommates could recite the words. After her I Am... tour, I was upset that it wasn't released on DVD and instead had to settle for her I Am Your DVD performance at the Las Vegas Wynn.

It was an intimate performance and I was very disappointed because I was expecting something more along the lines of what will be released on November 29th...the I AM...WORLD TOUR CD/DVD! I'm very excited for this just to watch it and it'll be here in time for the holidays. Now I'm wondering if she'll have another Thanksgiving special. But anyway...

Who's buying?
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  1. Fash!on!sta said...:

    I wanted to go to this so bad! I cannot wait for it to come out

  1. DANiE said...:

    In the room.. ::the only light came from the television on top of the dresser:: Tiff, frozen in position while Danie and Jackie sit on the bed, anxiously awaiting the 5 star performance...."Are you ready... to be ENTERTAINEDDDDDD!!!?" music! lights! ahhhhhhhhhh Beyonce! well... tiff dancing like Beyonce. and dont get me wrong, we all danced whn the right songs came on! Wonderful memories... But ummm, will I be getting this one, im going to have to say nope! but im sure she's going to sell out!

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