eyeYeyeYeye: When Will "The King" Learn?

Life is something to be taken very seriously because it is so precious, valuable and so short. I am no angel, but I do try to keep that age old adage in mind as I maneuver through this thing called life. T.I. is no different, regardless of the light we have placed on him, he is human. He is prone to make mistakes, as we all do. Times like these call for real friends who are honest and upfront about his poor decision making. Along my many roads traveled, I have had a couple of those wake up calls and I am eternally in debt to those who were frank. When adjudicating, the judge mentioned "an experiment". No one's life is an experiment and consequences - although feasibly trial and error - are stern at times and never to be forgotten. T.I. was sentenced to another 11 months in prison for drug possession - not too long after him serving 11 month last year for gun possession. I wish him the best as I wish all who are forced to face the music.

"These words are a chance to be remembered and reprised."
- Basquiat

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