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People may call him crazy, selfish, egotistical, even insane, but either way, KANYE WEST is always talked about. Last year he made headlines due to a shocking event at the VMAs, and to escape the chaos, he chose to RUNAWAY. He didn't stay away too long, true artists never do. He has people looking forward to Friday nights for the singles off of his album "GOOD Fridays" to drop, his album, and most recently the world had the chance to experience his latest artwork in his film, RUNAWAY. Starring Selita E. Banks, the film captures Kanye and a Phoenix (Selita) - who served as his muse. The art and imagery in the film was great; kudos go out to Vanessa Beecroft (Art Director). I won't get into the details of it or my personal opinion, but I will in a comment ;) Happy watching!

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  1. Ja said...:

    There's no doubt that Selita is a beautiful woman, but I find it funny that she was a bird. Dude said "do you know your girlfriend is a bird?" HA! There's A LOT of symbolism going on in here. Ye's nice at what he does but idk how I feel about this. It was cool for what it was.

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