To Be or Not To Be...

A humanitarian. The choice is yours, just like it is the discretion of others. Some find it in their soul to be of assistance to those in less fortunate situations. Without such philanthropic natures in this world, where would we be? Without the Boys and Girls Clubs, the Cub Scouts, the Children's Aid Societies, Christian Children's Funds, etc. where would those who have a need turn?

I bring this point to a head as a mark of reverence, and celebration similar to First Lady of California Maria Shriver's Minerva Award gala. The event took place October 26th in Long Beach, CA. Oprah Winfrey received an award for her charitable efforts as notables such as Maru J and Michelle Obama looked on.
Other receiving awards for their Humanitarianism were: Sanda Day O'Connor, Oral Lee Brown, and Sister Terry Dodge.

Click here for more information about the Minerva Awards

- Basquiat

Spread Love. Live life. Be Inspired.


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