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Young Flame is no stranger to elleELLEeye, but if you don't know who he is let us remind you. Young Flame is a rapper straight out of the Bronx. He's lyrical and a great artist who even performed at our first event, The Sweet Sound of Hip-Hop. Today he is dropping his new single, "Intuition", which is more of a serious track, for the sake of sending an important message. We should always strive to spread awareness on HIV/AIDS, which is a prominent issue going on in the African-American, Hip-Hop community. This needed to be brought to the light and Young Flame does just that with this song, so let's get right into it. Happy listening!

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The song “Intuition” is so important to the young African American community because most rap music glorifies going out to the club, drinking and meeting beautiful girls to ultimately take home and have sex with. No one talks about the dangers of living this lifestyle. According to The Department of Health, in New York City alone, over 3,000 people were diagnosed with HIV in 2008. As of 2008, in New York City there were over 105,000 people currently living with HIV and during 2008, almost 2,000 people died from the virus in New York City. The number of African Americans between the ages of 20-29 living in New York City that have been newly diagnosed with HIV has increased from about 400 in 2007 to over 500 in 2008.

In an interview, Young Flame stated that, “One form of contraception that people don’t speak about is Communication. If you listen to the song, you will understand that if they had only communicated in the beginning, it would have never ended how it did.” Had the young woman only followed her intuition when she first started feeling like her boyfriend was being dishonest with her, spoke to him about it and gotten tested, she would have never went out and had sex with another man who infected her with the HIV that she then passed onto her child and boyfriend who then passed it onto the other female he met in the club who can then pass it onto someone else. It becomes a continuous cycle (Young Flame "Intuition" press release).

Having sex doesn't make you cool. Here are some ways to protect yourself:

-Get yourself tested
-Practice safe sex (Birth control doesn't protect you from STDs)
-Practice celibacy
-Practice abstinence

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    Amazing! Thanks so much Tiffany!

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    What a story. Thats real. I like his flow

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