eyeWrite: The View of NYC

The View

Seems to be much different than the one I am used to in Harlem
Why you ask? It begins with the realization of what the term melting pot really means.
Out this gigantic window I can see every shade of the spectrum
Looking at each face I can imagine their struggle, their plight, their past that led them here

New York City

Midtown to be exact.
A place often traveled, yet rarely understood.
By whom? by those who live so close, but yet exist so far.
Within minutes of the best blend one could ever experience
The heart beat of New York City - the pulse one might say.

I was introduced to it through curiosity many years ago,
Coupled with the desire to see beyond the "Welcome to Dyckman Houses" sign
Not wanting to be like those whom I witnessed at the same place at the same time, doing the same things; which for intents and purposes - is nothing.

Nothing, such a mundane terminology, yet complex at the same time.
Is it possible to be dually achieving nothing and something at the same time?
Ask my physical, most would say you're not doing anything in particular you're just riding the bus.
However, keen eyes can see something.
My eyes see something.
I see, the heartbeat of New York City.

- Basquiat

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