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The Spring (which already feels like summer) is here; which calls for less clothing and a new wardrobe. But with less clothes to showoff what accessories can you use to showoff your outfit? A watch will do! Ladies, this will be the perfect "just because" gift for your friend or boyfriend. No matter who it is, there's one for everyone with the prices to match. Let's take a look at some watches from ...

The Neon Flux -

These watches represent those who love color and the flashier side of fashion. Even if you this person doesn't like to rock color, these watches will add that little bit of pop to their ensemble. *All under $100.

I'd Rather Have... -

Need a watch for someone a bit older, yet want them to remain stylish? Silver and gold watches add a touch of class to any business/casual outfit. They're simply timeless (no pun intended).

Stand Out -

Go for something different and unusual. When it comes to accessories you can always go outside of the box. It may not appear to be his style, but he just might like it!

So remember, you can find all of these watches at Macy's. Happy Shopping!

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    oh boy! that D&G watch lookin right

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