Afro-Picks: Oxymorrons

The 2010 Afro-Punk Festival will hit New York City on June 26th - 27th.

Last year Janelle Monae hit the stage, but if you want to see your favorite band there, there is hope!

elleELLEeye wants to see the Oxymorrons represent. So jump on the bandwagon and help us out! Do you need a bit more convincing? Check out our interview with the Oxymorrons.

Are you ready to get the Oxys on board for the Afro-Punk Festival? Here's what you do:
1. Go to this link: Afro-Punk Link
2. Leave comments, let them know why the Oxys should be playing, send your favorite Oxy song, send Oxy links...basically this is your chance to go Oxy crazy!

That's it!

They need to know which bands, from the Afro-Punk community, you would like to see tear up that stage! Sound off with your comments and feel free to add links to the band's page so they can check them out. Here's that link again:

Afro-Punk Festival

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  1. Fash!on!sta said...:

    I'll support. They need to com to LA

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