Garnier for a Gorgeous Face

Summer's almost here, that calls for your top of the line accessories for the season. But what will it be this season? Your skin! It's with you 24/7, but since you can't take it off or put a new one on, have to work with what you have. My skin ( as well as the skin of many others) tends to be dull and dry. I'm sure NO ONE likes this. So, what is it that I recommend for that glowing, glitch-free, oh so gorgeous skin you ask?

Well, I've been using some products from Garnier's skin line called Garnier Nutritioniste. First, I use Nutri-Pure Microbead Cream Scrub for a face wash. The microbeads gently remove any dead skin cells, allowing your skin's natural glow to emerge. This product doesn't clog your pores (meaning, it probably won't give you pimples). It's even infused with vitamins so that your skin gets that extra bit of healthiness into it!

I also use Garnier's Skin Renew Anti-Sun-Damage Moisturizer Lotion. This stuff is cool because it gives your skin a glow factor, as well as a feel factor. It has made my skin glow like it never has before. I actually want to touch my face! It's finally shiny, smooth, and sultry!

Wanna try it for yourself? Visit to see where to get it near you!

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