Run Ayindé Run (UPDATES 4/6)

UPDATED INFO (orginial post 4/4/10):

If you missed Mondazzzed with DJ ehT Mills featuring Ayindé, you missed a good show, but lucky we've got you covered!

Download the full interview of Ayindé on Run&Eat Radio

Happy Listening! Get acquainted with
DJ ehTMills and!


04 - 05 - 10 8:30pm
Check out Ayindé on RunandEatRadio!

Here's a word from DJ ehTMills on what Run&Eat Inc. is:
My lifestyle label is "Run & Eat". Its meaning is the basic excercise of chasing your dream. "Run" is the chase, thirst, hunger, etc. "Eat" is the accomplishment, the money, the food, the car, the house, etc. We are all Runners and Eaters of our lifetime. From the 9-5 no names to the free spirited unemployed, We all have something we are racing for. Everyone. So, I've created a Radio show (Run&EATRadio) to display NYC's next level tastemakers. I incorporate music from various artists and genres giving a fresh new fabric of internet radio...
Shoutout to DJ ehTMills (@ehTMills) for supporting Ayindé's music.

Be sure to TUNE IN! The interview begins at 8:30pm and will be streaming live on!
Download Ayindé's Mixtape, "No Slices"!

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  1. Anonymous said...:

    another good interview. cant wait to hear more from him

  1. Cali Girl said...:

    He is cute

  1. Ja said...:

    For real though No Slices is some of the best work I've heard from something called a mixtape since J Cole & Drake and thats word. "Gone" is tough.

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