Dukes Reigns Supreme BUT...

If you're NCAA College Basketball fan, I'm sure you know what went down at last night's Duke v. Butler game. Butler University lost the NCAA national championship basketball game Monday night, but the small, private university nestled on the city’s near-north side has won a load of publicity.

“It’s really been unbelievable,” said Butler President Bobby Fong. “I’m not sure anyone could have predicted this.” Butler’s Gordon Hayward had time to get off a last-second shot at the end of the game, but not enough to make it.

As a result of its basketball team’s success, Butler landed on the front page of USA Today twice, and was featured in The New York Times and Wall Street Journal as well as CNN, ESPN, CBS and ABC in the last 10 days.

Fong intends to commission a study of how much that media exposure is worth to the university, and hopes to have that data later this spring or summer.

Butler’s own Web sites have been overloaded at times since the team stormed through the Sweet 16, the Elite Eight and into the Final Four of the NCAA’s 65-team men's tournament.

The Butler.edu site even crashed for a while after the Bulldogs beat Kansas State University to qualify for the Final Four at Lucas Oil Stadium, said Scott Kincaid, Butler's chief information officer.

The school's main Web site, which averages about 6,000 visits daily, registered a record 137,000 visits on March 27, the day Butler beat Kansas State. On April 3, the day Butler beat Michigan State, the site scored more than 103,000 visits.

On Monday, traffic was way up again, registering 131,200 visits. Continue Reading...

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