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The results are in! We asked our readers, "Do you mind being given a nickname by someone you've only known for a short period of time?" and as you can see above, and 55% of you are cool with it. I am personally a part of the 45% who prefers to be called by my full name, unless we're cool like that.

Tiff, Tiffy, T, T.I., Tiffy-Wiffy, - some of the nicknames (relating to my real name) that I have been called within my lifetime. Do I mind it, yes and no. If I know you, I'm fine with nicknames, but when I just meet a person and introduce myself by my full name, I do that for a reason. Some people just get too comfortable in calling me Tiff too soon. It's not a big deal, but it bothers me.

Where did you place your vote? What do you think about the topic?

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  1. Jade said...:

    I guess I should stop calling you Tiffy :-) Honestly,it doesn't matter to me, I've been called worse things than J-Boogie

  1. Kelly said...:

    I hate it! My roommate calls me Kelz and her bf started calling me that shortly after we met. I had to set him straight. I said listen, I've known her since 7th grade. She can call me Kels... you can't

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Word! i hate when ppl call me by my nickname and barely know me!

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