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Behind every great piece of art, there lies an artist who translates their creative thoughts into wonderful images. The same goes for anyone who has a particular craft; including musicians, athletes, and fashion designers. Iran Ortiz, creator of the brand and the jewelry line, Endless Noise NYC, is no different! Her work speaks for itself, and with every piece handmade, we're sure that soon enough her work will be seen in stores and on our favorite celebrities. Check out the interview:

elleELLEeye: How did you come up with the name Endless Noise NYC?
Iran Ortiz: In addition to jewelry I was also making these clutches made out of fabric. The name Endless Noise represents the sounds that are constantly around me when creating something; The sound of the sewing machine, music, radio, my family, my dog barking, the cars outside and etc.

elleELLEeye: What inspired you to start your company?
Iran Ortiz: About 4 years ago, I would make jewelry pieces or clutches for my friends as birthday and holiday gifts. They would always tell me to start selling my pieces. I have always had a 9-5 job, therefore was not able, with my time to begin a business. Fortunately, a year and a half ago, I was laid off and was able to work on starting the line.

elleELLEeye: What designers inspire you?
Iran Ortiz: One designer that does inspire me is Kerin Rose. I heard her story through a friend of mine and soon after was following her on Twitter. She inspires me because she goes the extra mile in everything that she does. Not only are her products beautiful but they are also of high quality. Kerin Rose is a true hustler.

elleELLEeye: If you could collaborate, and do a line, with any designer who would it be and why?
Iran Ortiz: Hmmm...there are so many designers I admire and would love to work with one day. If I could collaborate with any designer, I would choose Rebecca Minkoff because I love her whole concept. She has bags that are perfect for every occasion. You can really fit a pair of flats, and all your morning essentials for a “long” night out in the “Morning After Bag”. The Mac Clutch is perfect for a girl like me who takes the subway into the city and needs to bring a book to read, but at the same time doesn’t want to bring a huge bag to the club. It would definitely be hot to collaborate with her.

elleELLEeye: We know that every girl should have that "little black dress" to wear on all occasions; what piece of jewelry should every girl have?
Iran Ortiz: Every girl should have the Espressione Necklace from Endless Noise because not only can you wear it with a fabulous dress, but you can also wear it with a t-shirt, jeans and heels and look like a million bucks!

elleELLEeye: If you could design jewelry for any celebrity, who would it be? Why?
Iran Ortiz: Hmmmm...this is a hard one because I would love to have all celebrities wearing my jewelry. I would have to say Lady Gaga or Rihanna. They’re style is ridiculous and once they wear something it just starts flying off the shelves.

elleELLEeye: What is your favorite piece that you have designed thus far?
Iran Ortiz: My favorite piece is the Swarovski Duo Necklace set because it’s the piece that I enjoy making the most. Each stone is placed by hand. The concept is also great because it signifies friendship. It’s what I would like to call, “the grown up version of the grade school friendship necklaces.” I love how it looks on the people who wear it. It’s definitely a conversation starter, “Who has the other piece,” and it’s also available in a variety of colors.

elleELLEeye: Do you plan to design more men's jewelry?
Iran Ortiz: Yes, I do plan on designing more men’s jewelry. It’s actually in the works. Endless Noise Jewelry is a man magnet. I am speaking for myself and for others. They always have something to say to the women wearing Endless Noise. That was where the idea to make men pieces came from. I was wearing a piece and a dude asked me if he could try it on and Waaaah Laaaaaah!

elleELLEeye: Are your pieces "Recessionista" friendly?
Iran Ortiz: I do attempt to make my pieces recessionista friendly. One of my popular pieces, which is the Espressione Bracelet is $28.00. I try to make my pieces as cheap as possible. The Swarovski pieces are a bit expensive for someone affected by the recession. Totally understandable. I try to offer as many surprise sales as I can. For example, right now the Swarovski pieces are 50% off for a limited time only. Get yours today!

elleELLEeye: Have you faced any challenges while designing?
Iran Ortiz: There are always challenges, which is what makes this business interesting. One of my biggest challenges is trying to stay away from what other people are doing. The truth is that when you are being trendy you are most likely to come up with an idea that someone else is coming up with at the same time.

elleELLEeye: What separates Endless Noise NYC jewelry from the rest?
Iran Ortiz: It has a personal touch. I work on every piece myself so it feels like every piece has it’s own personality. Two different girls can have the same piece but it lives differently with each person.

elleELLEeye: What advice would you offer to aspiring fashion entrepreneurs?
Iran Ortiz: "Just do it" like Nike :o )

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  1. Thank you everyone!
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