eff'N Booji

Besides Pastrys, there really hasn't been a sneaker line to represent for the ladies. I know, I know...being a woman is supposed to be about being feminine and wearing high heels all of the time right? Wrong! Some girls like to be comfortable, and that doesn't involve adding an extra 3-5 inches onto their heels. So it's time to get Booji! No, not fake, superficial and conceited - get Booji sneakers, an independent footwear and accessories line for women.

Booji says
"In a world of infinite sneakers, it’s surprising there aren’t a lot of kicks ladies can relate to. It’s this frustration that ignited Miss MDot to create classics with a twist."
Right now you can only find these kicks in Cali, but stayed tuned. There will be and E-Shop coming soon. And guys, you can rock these too ;)

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  1. Supastarrr said...:

    those are HOT.
    the blue high tops remind me of Supras.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Nice! the all black joints are hot! cant and that pouch on the side is different

  1. Cali Girl said...:

    Yes Cali represent tehe ^ ^

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