To Tweet or Not To Tweet...

...that is the question! Since Twitter was created in 2006, it has become a way of worldwide connection. Want to see what people are tweeting about in Brazil, it's a click away. Want the link to Trey Songz's newest video? Go to his Twitter page, we're sure he posted it. Want to know what's new at your favorite blog (which happens to be elleELLEeye)? You better be following them! But why Twitter?

For many people, Twitter has become their go-to e-spot to find out what they want to know. Whether you're looking for info on your favorite musicians, blogs, countries, etc., you can always put it in your favorite search engine. However, many adults and teens alike choose to look up the latest tweet about their subject of choice.

What do you think? Do you tweet? Why tweet? Do you use twitter to look up information, about your favorite subjects? What makes Twitter so different from Facebook? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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  1. Anonymous said...:

    If i had to choose btw twitter & fb i would choose twitter. you can stalk your favorite celebrities

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