Macaroons Anyone?


Delectable, yummy, puffy, creamy, soft, dreamy; these are some words that might describe the tasty treats known as Macaroons. Nike has went the Pastrys route to use this snack as inspiration for their line of sneakers, Nike Royalty Macaroons. The monotone sneakers have chewy moulded leather uppers are sure to leave mouths watering. They come in three colors: ripe raspberry, bubbly blueberry and cool vanilla. Although they're made for the women, I'm sure we'll be seeing a few guys rockin' em too. Are you craving these kick? Buy them at Shelta. Happy shopping.

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  1. B-Fresh said...:

    daddy need these

  1. Chad ^_^ said...:

    word these joint are tuff

  1. Fash!on!sta said...:

    yummy ;)

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